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Good Packing Company Limited commitment to delivering quality and fit for purpose export packing solutions is demonstrated by our twin accreditation. In addition to ISO 9001 quality registration, we are MPAS/037 certified by the Ministry of Defence, which permits us to design and approve ‘in house’ packing solutions on behalf of the MOD and it’s suppliers. This expertise and knowledge transcends to our role as a specialist in Commercial, Tropical and Dangerous Goods preservation and packaging techniques, to guarantee total protection of our customers goods for road, sea and air movement worldwide.
We also have a dedicated team, fully equipped to provide a comprehensive on-site packaging service for execution anywhere in the UK. Additionally, we regularly Project Manage the dismantling, export packing and freight forwarding of Machinery, Plant and Equipment with our trusted partners in France and Germany from sites in mainland Europe to destinations door South Africa, Nigeria, China and Brazil.

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We’re proud of all the jobs we’ve been commissioned to complete. If you carry on scrolling you can view some of our most recent export packing projects…

Export packing projects…

Export Packing
A Motor being preserved and export packed, destined for a Nuclear Test Facility in the USA.

A Steel Cutting Machine export packed ready for shipment to South Africa.

A batch of Motors being prepared for export to Canada.

A Converting Machine being prepared for export to the USA.

A consignment of Motors being readied for containerisation and shipment to Canada.

A large Generator Set export packed and ready for shipment to South Korea.


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